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Logistop has the following specific objectives:

  •     To elucidate the needs of corporate R&D&I and the system’s capabilities, in order to detect its deficiencies and shortcomings, to establish a common strategy that reflects the interests of all corporate members.
  •           To develop dialogue mechanisms with the Administration in order to adapt public policies to a central strategy: definition of national plans and call for public R&D&I grants.
  •        To create and coordinate a critical mass of science-technology-business agents to promote public-private collaboration in generating innovation through the development of knowledge and its transfer to the business sector.
  •       To promote and articulate the genesis of significant, high-impact R&D&I projects, and to enhance Spanish participation in European R&D projects.
  •            To spread awareness among businesses of the concepts of Logistics and Supply Chains, the relevance of this economic activity, its possibilities and new logistics strategies and applications.

  •            To support the training of qualified human resources in the field of knowledge, within the scope and at all possible levels, and to back public policies dealing with mobility, intermodality and comodality, in accordance with public administrations (local, metropolitan, regional, national and European) in charge of transport and mobility.