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Logistop Technical Secretary


According to the operational guidelines approved in November 2008, Logistop’s Technical Secretary is named by the Steering Committee following a proposal by the Permanent Commission, for a renewable period of the two years, among non-profit organisations with a national scope and representative of R&D&I in Logistics, Intermodality and Mobility in Spain. These organisations should be independent and neutral in their relationship with the various interests found within the Platform.


At present, the Secretary of Logistop is held by National Centre for Competition in Integrated Logistics, CNC-LOGISTICA, comprised by four national nodes, Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logistica (ITENE), Fundacion Centro Tecnológico en Logistica Integral Cantabria (CTL), Fundacion Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) and Centre d’Innovació del Transport (CENIT).


The main roles of this Secretary, as set out by its operational guidelines and its interrelation with the remaining organs of the platform, include:


  • Supporting and promoting the management of various structural groups within the platform: the President, Vice-presidents, Steering Committee, Permanent Commission, and the remaining Committees and Groups.

  • Representing the platform in calls for support, according to the approved working plans and budgets.

  • Collecting payments from the Platform’s members destined to financing its expenses

  • Settling payments derived from the Platform’s activities according to the approved budget.

  • Internal coordination and management of the Platform: proceedings, corporate image, administrative duties, developing and maintaining the Platform’s website, etc.

  • Supporting the management and execution of dissemination and transfer activities.

  • Actively seeking new members.

  • Supporting the representation role carried out by the President, Vice-presidents and other individuals designated by the Permanent Commission or Steering Committee, with State Administration organs, other platforms, the European Commission and in general national and international forums.

  • Supporting the work of the President of the Platform, gathering information and drafting reports in collaboration with the Secretary.

  • Managing the custody of the Platform’s official documentation at the Secretary’s premises.

  • Drafting documentation with the President’s approval, ensuring the correct order of Meeting Minutes, issuing any certificates and reports required.

  • Ensuring the full impartiality and independence of Logistop towards all of its members, treating them impartially and equally, ensuring the transparency of the Platform’s activities for all its members, as well as absolute confidentiality whenever required.

  • Coordinating and promoting the activities of the Platform and its groups, managing the Secretary.

  • Elaborating the Platform’s annual work schedule and annual report, and submitting them for approval by the General Assembly. Elaborating the budget for approval by the Permanent Commission.

  • Developing activities required to achieve the Platform’s objectives, with the approval of the President or the Permanent Commission.

  • Executing agreements adopted by the Platform’s General Assembly and Steering Committee.

  • Liaising with other existing national and/or European platforms. Identifying synergies and promoting cooperation actions.

  • Detecting opportunities for the medium- and long-term promotion and development of the Platform in order to ensure its sustainability.

  • Coordinating and promoting the relationship with the Spanish Public Administration.

  • Transmitting the objectives and advances of the Spanish Technological Platform in Integrated Logistics, Intermodality and Mobility at any European or international scientific-technological decision forums, so as to further its position and clear a path for the advances achieved by the Platform, as well as to transmit Spanish case studies in reference to solutions originating at said forums.